Twitter Chats

If you are one of those people who still do not see the value of Twitter and social media on a professional and social level, you need serious help. I joined twitter over a year ago when it had just started to catch on- just for fun and to try something new.

Today, Twitter has become an essential part of my education and my life. I check it many times a day to ensure I remain engaged in the multiple conversations going on. Whether it is seeing what the top news headlines are, what PR professionals are saying and doing, or what is trending, Twitter allows me to get information and  react to it instantaneously and in one place. Twitter facilitates networking and keeping in contact with those you meet through a simple 140 character post. You can connect with people from all over the world who share your interests, through a simple hashtag or a mutual follower. Your writing skills improve as well because you have to create succinct meaningful messages within a limit.

Social media has become an invaluable PR tool, allowing companies and people to interact with and inform their audience. You must treat yourself like a brand as well, because your online presence says a lot about your knowledge and skills to an employer.

Being a PR student, I must constantly keep myself informed about the public relations industry, trends, and adapt to the changes that constantly affect the way we communicate. This way, I can be an asset to my employers and bring valuable input and skills to any company I become a part of. You would not get drafted to a professional team if you had no knowledge of the game. Its the same with public relations. With so much information and knowledge readily available, why not try your best to attain as much of it as possible. A great way to learn and interact with others is twitter chats. They occur everyday at various times on a plethora of topics. Below are some relevant to PR:


#BlogChat at 9 p.m. EST: Moderated by @MackCollier

A talk about social media and improving your personal or company blog.


#JournChat 8-11pm EST, hosted by Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans).

A weekly conversation on Twitter between journalists, bloggers and public relations professionals. Participants send questions to the moderator and respond to others’ comments.


#pr20chat at 8 p.m. EST: Moderated by: @PRtini and @JGoldsborough

A weekly conversation about public relations 2.0 and where public relations is heading


#BrandChat at 11 a.m. EST: Moderated by: @mariaduron and @davidsandusky

A discussion between experts, strategists, and those interested in learning more about personal branding and managing their personal brand.

#IMCChat at 8 p.m. EST: Moderated/created by: Beth Harte (@bethharte) and Anna Barcelos (@abarcelos)

A chat for all of those interested in Integrated Marketing Communications.


#u30pro at 8 p.m. EST: Moderated by: @DavidSpinks@sjhalestorm and @cubanalaf

A Twitter chat for under 30 professionals discussing how to bridge the generational gap, demolish stereotypes and break down differences in the professional workplace.

.#LBSchat at 9 p.m. EST: Moderated/founded by: @EricLeist and @mrahmey

This chat explores all things about location-based social media and technology. Another great chat to talk about geo-location!

#prstudchat Monthly (different days and times) Moderated by: @dbreakenridge &@valeriesimon

Many PR professionals and students coming together to share their
thoughts. Follow @PRstudchat for more info.

For more twitter chats on everything from cooking to leadership click here.

For more info on how to participate in Twitter Chats go to:


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