Women in PR: Still Fighting

Do not get me started on this. In honor of Women’s History month, I think it is appropriate to make others aware of the current state of women in PR. Unfortunately, it is not much different from other industries.

“In the PR World, women are earning less than men but make up the majority of the PR workforce. It is disheartening to hear that we can work just as hard if not harder and not receive the pay and recognition we deserve. Despite all of our accomplishments, men still outearn us and are in the positions of power. What can women do?

  • We must know our worth and demand a certain pricepoint during the interview process and during raises and promotions. Don’t short-change yourself!
  • We must find a mentor and/or mentor other women. Tory Johnson speaks of a “workplace champion” being a person to help in your rise–these workplace champions can be either male or female.
  • We must work in an environment conducive to the advancement of women.

Will there ever be equality in the workforce? We must never give up trying for equal pay and recognition for our work.: Source: PR Diva


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