Internet Segregation: Separate but Equal?

In recent news, AOL has announced that Arianna Huffington will oversee AOL Latino, AOL Black Voices and other AOL sites as part of a $315 million dollar deal. In addition, a “new black-oriented Huffington Post project” called GlobalBlack will be launching. For those of you that are not aware, Arianna Huffington is Greek.

To Huffington this was more than just a business deal:

“This is a two-way partnership, with HuffPost GlobalBlack content and vision informing all of HuffPost’s coverage, and HuffPost’s editorial and reporting team covering stories shaping the black community.”

More power to you racially conscious organizations who want to ensure that our communities are informed about the news that affects us. Don’t you think WE know what is affecting US? We are living it you know. Just as I can sit and watch what is going on in all the other countries in the world, shouldn’t everyone be informed about everything? These specific targeted websites and sections on websites are a form of segregation in my eyes.

Segregation (noun) -the practice of creating a separate facility within the same society for the use of a minority group (  Replace “facility” with “section” and “society” with “website” and look what we have: Internet Segregation (noun) -the practice of creating a separate section within the same website for the use of a minority group.

Instead of sending us to different lunch counters and water fountains all over again, we are sent to a special site or section. Information about or pertaining to African-Americans and Latinos should be published on the main website where all traffic goes.

Not only do we have these separate sites and sections, people of color are not the key decision makers or a majority of the management team. Writers and management affect the framing and structure of media, whether intentionally or not. If more people of color were employed by these publishers, they could use their abilities to influence, empower, and serve their communities better than others would.

Will we ever stop being minority and majority and just be people? If we are going to continue to be separate entities can we at least be able to control our own?


8 thoughts on “Internet Segregation: Separate but Equal?

  1. Sam says:

    When the race card stops being played.You wanna be equals then quit saying it is because I am not white because you didn’t get something.Maybe the other people are better.Of course that didn’t cross your mind.And Segregation was how long ago? Officially accepted from 1896 to 1954. Get the hell over it. Learn about something that is happening now.Reverse Racism
    Reverse Racism describes the irony of a person using their race to gain special status or privileges while at the same time demanding others treat them as equals and look beyond the color of their skin.

    An example of reverse racism would be a black person who condemns a company for hiring whites over blacks based solely on skin color, but at the same time demands blacks be hired over whites based solely on skin color.
    Oh wait your not white. So you leave that part out.All races got their own struggles.Quit bringing up the past.Hell if a classic was rewritten.QUIT PLAYING THE RACE CARD.

    • I am not sure what the basis of your comment is or whether it is a personal attack or purely missing the point. Not once in my post was racism ever mentioned. I was attempting to highlight that these separate sections on websites are unnecessary for the exact reasons you mentioned, we want to be EQUAL. Being equal would mean that all news is in one place for everyone regardless of race, gender, or any other characteristic.

      You’re comment is unwarranted but it is people like yourself that perpetuate racism. The race card will forever be played until things change, and that is just the reality of the situation. Thank you for your opinion however.

      • Sam says:

        No my comment isn’t. There ya go playing the races against each other The race card will forever be played until things change, and that is just the reality of the situation.. You wanna be treated equal act like you are a person and not a color.

      • Experiences shape reality. I am a person but the color of my skin and the fact that I am not white does affect how I am treated. You just made this a personal attack and I will not entertain you.

  2. Sam says:

    I didn’t make no personal attack.You can play the race card all you want. You can’t say that you want to be treated equal. You want to be treated equal there is no race card.

    • Sam it does seem like an attack. You’re completely missing the point of Emmelie’s post. She is not attacking “whites” like you believe, she’s clearly informing & pointing out the obvious ways in which the website segregates certain ethnic groups. News is for all, so why is african american or latino news not as important? We all pay taxes, we get our education, we all have families, we all share something & that is that we all go through the hardships of the country together; WE (every single person on this here United States of America) are EQUAL. Yes there are certain situations where people do try to use “the race card” to benefit themselves over the “white man”. But there are intelligent & well-rounded people other than “the white man”. However, that’s irrelevant to what Emmelie is speaking about on her post. So your personal vendetta serves of no value as a response or as an opinion to the matter at hand. FAIL on your part.

      • Sam says:

        And she said she was gonna keep playing the race card. Basically it don’t matter what we do white folks are racist. Their go making it a race thing.I have no personal vendetta I am just tired of hearing how it always the white folks.Where did I say there wasn’t intelligent & well-rounded people other than “the white man?I just said maybe they was better qualified.Bringing up the segregation Bravo. I am just saying get over it. Either way you look at it it is reverse racism.Playing the race card must do wonders for ya.To know you only got a job because of your skin color.It is people like you wanting to be equal but not treating others as equals.

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