Graduate Dilemma

I have been going back and forth with myself for a few weeks now about my post graduation plans. I often think long-term and about the bigger picture but had failed to do so about my education. Talking to many of my peers, graduate school became more and more prominent on my mind. Should I go right after school? Should I work first? Will I need it right away?

Being a Newhouse student, I am confident that my experience and education will make me an asset to any company or PR agency. I am also very flexible in terms of location and positions. Finding a job should not be too difficult but without a Master’s degree in a different field or an MBA, senior level management positions will be very difficult to attain in the future. I don’t want to have an opportunity placed in front of me and not have the qualifications necessary for the job.

After talking to some PR professionals and reading articles, I am certain that a Master’s degree is necessary. However, I do not need it right away. So here is my game plan: I will continue with my job search as planned. After a few years once I know what I want to specialize in, have enough real-world experience and a stable life, I will pursue my Master’s or MBA while working. I have begun researching companies that offer tuition reimbursements and are located in cities with credible graduate programs. I am all about work, but I must remember that education is important. I feel this is a dilemma that faces many students and I just wanted to share my experience in the hope that it will help and encourage someone else.

Below I have included some articles and links for further reading:

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