Hispanics: A growing trend?

I have recently become very passionate about Hispanic marketing and public relations since the Hispanic population has grown so much and we are now considered an influential demographic. However, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable knowing that there are a group of White American marketers who sit in their offices and try to figure out how to market to Hispanics and how to leverage social media to reach Latin audiences. Um hello, now you decide that we matter? Weren’t African Americans ignored too until their buying power was highlighted? Mhm. It seems like minorities are always ignored until proven valuable or useful.  Many companies are having a serious wake-up call now that Hispanics are the nation’s largest ethnic minority (U.S. Census) and they realize they have no idea how to reach them. Well, better late than never. If you didn’t know, I’m Latina. Yep, accent and all. Knowing all of this only makes me more excited to go into the public relations field in the next year. Communication is changing and change is always good.


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