Peer Mentoring: Age is nothing but a number

We often don’t see what is right in front of us, and I’m not talking about love and relationships. As the young tech savvy and fabulous generation that we are, we have an abundance of resources at our disposal that we often fail to utilize. Your peers are the most accessible resource available to you. As a PR student, I have built plenty peer mentorships with many other PR hopefuls across the country via Twitter, conferences and internships. Below are some of the reasons that peer mentors are valuable at any age:


Someone is your situation is likely to be able to empathize with you and understand your situation. My family for example, does not and probably will never fully understand what I do. My peers however, do. Your peers will sit there, listen and fully understand your frustrations with the job search, your internship, or whatever else is going on in your professional life and will also be there to celebrate your achievements.

Keep you in check

Peer mentors can hold you accountable for what you said that you were going to do.  My good friend Lindsey (@LynnPRmentality) is great at this. She asks me when I’m going to finish the blog post I told her about, asks about my internship, and motivates me when I feel lazy. That is the purpose of surrounding yourself with great peer mentors- they should always push you to be better.


Being the same age and in similar situations, peer mentors can share their insights, contacts and advice with you. I am the proofreader among my friends. When someone needs a cover letter revised, a blog post read or graphic critique, I am the one that gets emailed. It is a pleasure to revise other’s work because I learn from them and they get a fresh pair of eyes for their work. Working in public relations, teamwork is essential to successfully and efficiently achieving anything.

What is the greatest thing your peer mentor has done for you?


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