After learning about Megan Gebhart’s 52 Cup experiment and already being intrigued by Classy Career girl’s Networking challenge, I decided to fuse both together. Every week for the next year, I will have a cup of coffee, lunch, dinner etc. with someone in the 2 following categories: someone I already know and would like to get to know better or someone new. In addition, I will take 44 online connections ( via Twitter, Facebook or other means) offline and make a personal connection. So many interesting people that I have found through social media, mutual friends, and other means, why not learn more about them?

Some people on my wishlist are: Shayna D of the Diva Lounge, Marshawn Evans, Aurelia Flores (@LatinaLeader).

Still thinking of a catchy title for this new adventure. Stay tuned. If you have any suggestions for the name or people I should talk to ( which I REALLY hope you do) Leave them in a comment or shoot me an email. I’ll be starting next week.



2 thoughts on “96.

  1. So proud of you for taking the networking challenge!! You will love it! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! I need to make more personal connections with the many people that I have met in social media as well!

    • Thank you for the inspiration. I have been following you on Twitter and your site for a while. I had to do it since you are so enthusiastic about it. I know it will prove beneficial. I’ll keep everyone posted weekly. 🙂

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