How Twitter Dashboards Compare

The bigger Twitter gets, the more applications that are launched. This week I tested six social media dashboards: Tweetdeck, Socialoomph, HootSuite, TweetGrid, Monitter, and Seesmic. Below are my experiences with each.

Tweetdeck – For the list-obsessed

Tweetdeck is my favorite twitter application by far. It organizes my account and allows me to focus on one list at a time. Unlike Twitter on the web browser, I have my mentions, DMs, lists, and searches all available in one place Tweetdeck also allows for you to comment on retweets and tweet from multiple accounts. The only flaw I have found is the need to type in the entire twitter name when you want to mention someone, which can be challenging if you do not remember all of your followers’ names.

HootSuite – For the serious Twitter user and professional

When I think Hootsuite, I think measurement and collaboration. Hootsuite is great for account teams that collectively manage a Twitter account or someone managing multiple accounts on various social media platforms. Hootsuite makes it easy to do everything in one place from monitoring to scheduling tweets and compiles reports for different accounts as well. This is important for professionals or those who need to be able to measure their progress.

Other Tools:

TweetGrid and Monitter are great for monitoring, and Socialoomph is very similar to Hootsuite in its features. However, I dislike the interfaces and do not find them as easy to use. I am a user of Seesmic by default because it is the only app available for my tablet. I would probably not continue using it otherwise. Overall, each app has a feature that helps to breakdown the massive Twitterverse.


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