Gen Y: Increase Productivity with a Flexible Work Schedule

GenY graduates are ambitious and value autonomy in the workplace. They have high expectations for advancement and will switch jobs frequently, more than their GenX counterparts. Recently, the nine-to-five has been given a lot of breathing room. Many people have flexible work schedules and because of the technology that is readily available, some have the opportunity to work remotely.

Generation Y values independence and mandating work at specific times might not be the most efficient way to get things done. Think about it, if those of you who aren’t morning people could go into work later than 9am in a fantastic mood, how much more productive would you be?  Previously, hours were used to determine productivity. However, with a computer and wireless internet, work can be done from anywhere. Location and time restrictions do not determine the quality of work.

Now is the time to embrace workshifting (also known as telecommuting or teleworking). According to, workshifiting is “using the web to get work done anytime, anywhere – outside the traditional office space. In a Telework Research Network study, 40 percent of U.S. workers have jobs that could be done from home at least part-time. Workshifting increases productivity by 27% and employees are 55% more engaged than those who are confined to the office. It capitalizes on money, time and energy.  Companies like Google and Best Buy have been reaping the benefits, so should you and your company.

This post was originally published in SocialTik Magazine


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