Social Media as a Sales Tool

Previously in communications, one was able to compartmentalize tasks and look at communications from one angle. Today in communications,  marketers and communications professionals are required to be visionary and see their business from a 360 degree angle daily. It is all about how one thinks and strategizes and not simply tactical execution. A good communicator is an expert in their business, its competition, consumers, employees and issues. CEOs want to know where their customers are because as a result of the internet, pre-commerce success will drive e-commerce success. Social media can help you do that, by helping you communicate with customers, before during and after the point of sale.

Listen and monitor.
Social Media is a listening and monitoring tool. With the proper set-up, your dashboard can become your listening and customer service center. By building your community and listening to potential customers as well as loyal fans, you can take advantage of sales opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Manage your community.
There is no better time like the present to jump in. Engage with customers during sale. Acknowledge the transaction and create content that will help the customer make their decision. By bringing information to them and keeping them engaged, you are more likely to gain a loyal fan instead of a one-time customer.

After sale, reach out to the customer and ensure that they are satisfied with your product or service. Provide them the opportunity to respond to their experience. By staying in touch via social media, you create a passive dialogue with you customers, build awareness and stay top of mind.

We are in an age of disruption, and behavior change is the ultimate outcome for companies and organizations. We as marketers and communications professionals must adapt in order to stay competitive. Repeat after me: We must work to build reputation in order to inform consideration. The next time a customer needs a product, they should be well-informed and automatically think of your business for their needs.

If you need help developing your social media listening and monitoring platform, I am here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!


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