22 Things College Students Should Do to Prepare for the Job Search


1.  Go abroad and learn a language

2.  Get to know your financial aid counselor

3.  Restructure your resume

4.  Research job descriptions

5.  Schedule informational interviews

6.  Protect your GPA

7.  Land a high-profile internship

8.  Build relationships with your department chair and professors

9. Create different versions of your cover letter

10. Become a campus leader

11. Visit the career center and attend seminars

12. Develop a personal website and online portfolio

13. Follow-up with previous employers to remain top of mind

14. Adjust your online presence to include a more professional image

15. Connect with alumni in your industry and near your post-graduate location

16. Sign-up for or update your LinkedIn profile

17. Network with a new professional each month

18. Create a list of target companies to research and identify potential contacts there

19. Practice interview questions

20. Work part-time in an office on campus to gain additional work experience

21. Write a personal mission statement

22. Create a vision board

Bonus: Take the Hired, Happy and Paid Personal Branding Course! 


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