What brands can learn from Rihanna about marketing and PR

Rihanna, recently crowned Billboard’s Pop Queen, has taken pop culture by storm by gracing the covers of magazines(this month’s Vogue cover features Rihanna), sitting front row at Fashion Week and collaborating with brands like Covergirl, Gucci and Vita Coco coconut water just to name a few. There are many marketing lessons that brands can learn from Rihanna who has only seven years into the music industry.

Develop powerful partnerships.

The organizations you are able to become associated with are an important part of branding because you can leverage an already well-known and established brand to help build your credibility. By collaborating with brands such as Armani, Nivea, Oprah, Nike and Clinique, Rihanna expanded to a different realm outside of music and branded herself as a pop culture icon rather than simply a singer. Very few musicians have been able to make such an impact.

Businesses should look to collaborate with companies that not only have a solid brand, but are also looking to reach a similar audience. All parties involved in a partnership should be able to benefit from the others audience and credibility and both grow their businesses. Partnerships can be devloped through events, social media and guest blogging to name a few.

Develop your personal brand on social media.

The Rihanna Navy is strong across social media with multiple pages dedicated to the singer’s fashion, music and personal life. Rihanna has been able to utilize Twitter and Instagram to galvanize her fan base. She not only promotes her music, but she also shares personal moments with her fans that build an emotional connection. A few weeks ago, Rihanna mourned the death of her grandmother “Gran Gran Dolly” sharing pictures on Instagram and confirmed rumors of her and Chris Brown via Twitter.

Rihanna has also launched the #R7 campaign, an interactive gaming experience where fans visit www.Rihanna7.com and “RIHveal” exclusive content and prizes each week in preparation for her 7th album, “Unapologetic.” By being active on social media and being constantly endorsed and promoted by not only her fan base but other artists such as Jay-z and Drake, Rih has more fame than she could imagine. Who she is as a person, takes her music to new heights.

In your business, don’t only get mentors and followers. Build a loyal tribe of followers and sponsors who will endorse your expertise, products and services. As an entrepreneur and business owner, your personal brand has the potential to elevate your business to new heights. Make sure you aren’t forgetting to attend to your personal brand and developing the relationships necessary to succeed.

Be unique.

People naturally love what is unique and different. Rihanna is a pro at standing out and making a statement whether it is with her lyrics, fashion, hair or attitude. If you aren’t a fan of her music, chances are, you see her in your favorite magazine, hear about her on the radio and TV and seen someone retweet her on Twitter. Rihanna’s fan base extends beyond pop and R&B lovers. They might be a fan because of the way she dresses or because they admire her business acumen. Her uniqueness allows for her brand to develop different avenues to reach the masses.

She knows crisis communications.

We all know the intimate details of the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident, but what we must make note of is that she sure knows how to bounce back from a crisis. She has been open and transparent about the incident, held her head high and kept rocking the charts.

What other marketing and pr lessons can brands learn from Rihanna?

About the Author
Emmelie De La Cruz is an employed-prenuer, working full-time and managing her business, The Branding Muse, where she works to assist college students and young professionals with personal branding. By creating resources to simplify branding, she empowers her community to take control of their personal brands. Emmelie also assists small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and implement social, mobile and digital strategies. Whether you’re an individual interested in improving your personal brand or a business looking to enter the digital space, The Branding Muse can work with you to create and execute the proper strategies for your budget.  Follow her on Twitter: @HerMusings


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