Open Letter to the Cast of MTV’s Washington Heights

Dear Washington Heights Cast,

Thank you. I have to say thank you for bringing our culture to the world. For making people look and listen and being able to tell our story, OUR way. When the show was first announced, I was honestly a bit nervous about how it would portray us, Dominicans, New Yorkers and Latinos in general. I thought ” Here we go, another show to support stereotypes about Hispanics.” But watching it made me feel this deep intrinsic connection with all of you on the screen: the struggle, the tears, the fights, the insecurity of not knowing if you are going to make it. Those are all things very real to many of us. The struggle is real. Those bills that you can’t pay, the grandmother that raised you, the relative in jail, the girl that you can’t stand but have to tolerate… yea we all have been through it. I am just glad to see the genuine friendship, those summer nights that became unforgettable and the dreams that became reality. This means a lot to all of us. I look forward to seeing this unfold. Keep grinding and best of luck!

Emmelie De La Cruz




6 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Cast of MTV’s Washington Heights

  1. Liz says:

    Your words were real and true….i was afraid of Jersey Shore repeat…..and figured our people are vilified enough…..but its real and these kids (I have 24 year old) know direction and where they are going….at that age, i had no idea where I was going…..KUDOS!!! Lets hope they dont twist the show for ratings……..

    • I was also afraid of a Love and Hip Hop disaster, but they represent us Dominicans well. I don’t think they will twist the show, we have enough drama in life to go unscripted. The show is great and I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Thanks for reading!

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