Find a Mentor: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Get One

PictureHappy National Mentoring Month!!! Take some time out of your day today to contact your mentors just to say how much you appreciate them. Don’t have a mentor? Then there’s no better time to find one!Sources from Business Week, Forbes,and more say that having a mentor is not just a suggestion for success, but a necessity! So, why do you need a mentor?

Mentors have been there, done that.
Ideal mentors are seasoned professionals with ample experience in their fields. Needless to say, they made some mistakes along the way, and learned from them. But with this past experience in mind, your mentor can prevent you from making those same mistakes. You can skip that step and go straight to the learning

Mentors will give it to you straight.

A mentorship is a unique relationship. Unlike a family member, mentors won’t hold back the truth to spare your feelings. Mentors know what you need to hear, and they’ll tell it to you. Mentors offer the criticism that a young professional needs in order to grow.

Mentors are motivators!
While mentors will criticize when needed, they can also be your biggest cheerleaders. Whether you’re applying for your first internship or your first job, your mentor can help you keep your eye on the prize. When you lose momentum, your mentor can get you started again.

Network, network, network!
As we mentioned, mentors are experienced professionals in their fields. They have already established countless connections. These connections present a brand new networking platform for any young professional. Your mentor should know your professional abilities better than anyone; who better to give you a recommendation?Now that you see what a mentor can do for you, the question remains: how do you find a mentor? Here are a few tips.

Start with people you know.
Think about a professor who taught you valuable information in your field. Or consider the professional who hired you for your most recent internship.

Find someone in your field of interest.
For the best career advice, you want your mentor to have knowledge of your intended career. A mentor in your field can offer you advice tailored to your experience.

Most importantly, REACH OUT.
As the potential mentee, you should be the one to initiate the relationship. Don’t be afraid to contact a potential mentor. Odds are, they’ll WANT to share their insight with you.

About the Author
Emelia Armstead is the Public Relations Intern for The Branding Muse. Currently studying toward her Bachelor’s degree in PR, she aspires to work in publicity or promotions in the arts and entertainment field. Keep up with Emelia’s journey as an intern by following the hashtag #bmsocial on Twitter, or follow her: @meliebedelie


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