How I Found Happiness at Work and Millennial Workplace Trends

Graduation just passed and many millennials are starting new jobs, relocating and learning about what being an adult really consists of. I remember graduating and being so excited to begin working full-time, but little did I know that my millennial mentality would be my gift and my curse. As I began my first job, I quickly realized that the 9-5 was not for me. Being an entrepreneur for 3 years, I got comfortable with working from home, being able to set my own schedule and the flexibility to do what I needed to get done when I wanted to get it done. As a student, I was used to having downtime during the day and working late at night because of my class schedules. So being chained to a desk behind a computer for 8 hours literally pissed me off. Ask my co-workers — I was SO moody all the time, because I was genuinely unhappy with my work environment. It even spilled over into my personal life. My rigid corporate job was ruining my life.

After having two jobs in 10 months, I had decided that I was the problem. My expectations were too high; I had to be more realistic. Like the stubborn woman that I am, I refused to believe that. I quit my job in Washington, DC and moved back to my beloved NYC in search of some answers. I worked on my business, The Branding Muse, for two months, taking on more clients and launching a personal branding course. Then I went to lunch with a Syracuse alum who mentioned a start-up that was looking for someone with my exact skill set. The rest is history. I am in a position at an amazing start-up in the heart of Soho, where I am able to work from home when necessary, wear whatever I decide is comfortable, and no one flinches if I come in at 11AM.  My co-workers are also hilarious, and they break up the monotonous workday with an occasional ping pong challenge. 74% of workers want to work from home at least part-time and 81% of millennials believe they should set their own work schedules.  I am glad that I am not alone in demanding more from my employer and know that finding a job that is fun, flexible and rewarding is possible.

PGi created an infographic, When It Comes to Business, Does Father Still Know Best, to describe this change in the workforce and the impact that the growing number of Millennial workers are making. Employers need to become more accepting of these social norms and the work styles of millennials everywhere. It will make for happier employees who are willing to work harder and contribute more to the company.


Millennial At Work Infographic


Want to learn more about the impact of Millennials on the Future of Work? Check out this great free eBook: The Future of Business Collaboration.

What is your story? Have you taken a risk to find workplace happiness?


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