[Recap] Meet the Innovators: Brand Builders

This evening I had the pleasure to attend the Meet The Innovators event at the Apple store in Soho hosted by Women Innovate Mobile (WIM). The panel of experts included expert branding insights from Racecar Driver, Julia Landauer, Levo League’s Director of New Media and blogger, Carly Heitlinger (aka College Prep), CEO and founder of The 85 Percent, Holly Lynch and Kate White, career expert, New York Time’s best selling author and former editor in chief of Cosmo. Moderated by Women Innovate Mobile’s Kelly Hoey, the panel discussed strategies and tactics to thrive in the social business world by making your personal brand a business asset.

These four women shared their stories on building personal brands in their respective fields and left the attendees inspired and motivated. It is interesting that “personal branding” is becoming such a popular phrase and a topic that more and more people are paying attention to. It feels like I launched The Branding Muse at just the right time, even though I have been doing this work for three years. The more people who become aware about the need to have a personal brand, the more confusion that exists about how to actually create one. Below you will find a Storify summary with some key takeaways and my thoughts on the topics. I am a big believer in sharing the knowledge through live-tweeting during events. Not only is it a great way to gain followers and connect with others at the event, it also helps to build your personal brand by showing that you are active in your industry. Hope I see some of you on some event hashtags soon. Stay tuned; tomorrow I’ll be attending the Kitty Bradshaw Blogiversary event!

[View the story “Meet The Innovators: Brand Builders” on Storify]


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