Fear to Fruition: My Launching Journey

Personal Branding

One of the scariest things about launching a new product or service is having to commit to going through with it. I love and adore the planning and development stage, but when it comes time to sell, I get nervous about launching. I much rather work “in” the business than “on” the business. I sometimes become pessimistic like:  What if no one buys my stuff? What if no one registers for my course? What if I embarrass myself? But I have learned to overcome that fear and just do it. Why? Because I know that what I have to offer is amazing and can really change people’s lives, the same way that it changed mine. I have been able to smoothly transition from one job and one city to another, have been featured in publications and have received awards and recognition I could only dream of. The branding course I had been thinking about since my junior year in college has come to fruition.

On Tuesday, after 3 years or researching and learning, I launched my Hired, Happy and Paid course. I completed two beta versions and I am finally ready to share it with the world. I have also published a workbook as well. You can learn all about it at: www.personalbrandingclass.com. So how did I get here? To have an awesome launch:

0. Get your mind right, in the words of Tionna Smalls. Success is a mindset and you have to be absolutely sure of your gift and committed to your purpose. Don’t let fear cripple you. Whatever you are delivering is greater than your doubt. It is something for the benefit of others. So set your insecurities aside and work to be a blessing.

1. Create a launch plan and plan content that revolves around your new product or service. Introduce your offering on all your brand channels, especially email. Compose multiple emails to send to your list, including one before you launch, one to announce your launch, one during your sales period and one closer to the end of your sales period or once the offering is no longer available. Aim to send out communication at least once a week that adds value. Avoid spammy emails – that will cause unsubscribes.

2. Help make sharing super simple for your community. Want people to help you spread the word? Create the content for them. Assemble every resource they need: pre-written tweets, images for instagram, blurbs for emails and links. Check out mine here

3. Work on sharing the value proposition. When launching, don’t talk about what they will get. It should be clear what they will receive on your sales page. Make sure you are communicating what the benefits are and how your product is better or different from all the other ones on the market. You have to know your customers well so that you can give them what they truly need and communicate in a manner that is easy to understand. They should be clear on how their life will change with your product or service. Make your offering irresistible.

4. Create blog content that will showcase what your product and service is all about. Give your readers an idea of what they will get if they purchase your book, product or service. They should understand what it will be like to work with you and what you can deliver.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of collateral materials. You don’t have to be a graphic design guru to create clean professional looking marketing materials. A one-sheet, a post card or brochure can be a great way to share information with people you meet on the go. Here are some examples of mine:

Hired, Happy & Paid One Sheet

I use the one sheet when I am promoting my course after a speaking engagement or have a table at a conference or event. I also upload it on my iPad so that I can display it while on the go as well. These aren’t as portable as a postcard size one sheet, however, so make sure you use them wisely.


I created these postcard size one sheets that quickly explain the course at a glance, so that I am able to hand these out at networking events or meetings. You often are unable to fully explain your offering in a quick conversation, so these postcards are good when you want to give a potential customer or client something they can walk away with and learn more about later.




Launching Resources

3 emails to send during your launch

Launch Essentials Toolkit

Hey Shenee Idea to Income & Cash Money Yo Courses

Launching has taken weeks of research and planning, weekends spent glued to my computer, a neglected boyfriend and plenty of missed meals. I am honored by all your support during this process and am very excited by the opportunity to teach millennials so they can take control their careers! I hope that my launching journey makes yours a bit easier.


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