Forbes Best Websites for Your Career 2013 List

Update: We made it onto the list! Check out Forbes’ 100 Best Websites for Your Career.

Hello Readers,
The Branding Muse is about to turn a year old, but my blog is about to be 4 years old. With a little faith and a lot of encouragement, I have finally decided to try to make it onto the Forbes Best Career Sites List. I write because I truly want to share my knowledge, insights and lessons learned with as many people as possible. The Branding Muse has grown tremendously and we offer blog posts, free worksheets, checklists, ebooks and mini-guides to help millennials create personal brands that help them excel in the workplace. We would love to make the list.
With that said, if you feel the way I do about The Branding Muse and believe that it or I have helped you in some way, I humbly ask you to nominate us as one of The Best Websites For Your Career. Forbes compiles a list every year and I truly believe we belong on it. To do that, I need your help.

The How

There are multiple ways to nominate us by Friday, Aug. 30:
Send an e-mail to
You can also tweet your nomination to: @JacquelynVSmith

The Why

I consider myself to have a top career website because I am a thought leader on personal branding and careers for millennials. I may not have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter or millions or readers on my blog, but the people that do read and follow me trust in me and know that I am giving them the best information possible with actionable advice to help move them forward. I am committed to helping young professionals and I tell it like it is. Being from the Bronx, NY, I didn’t have resources like this. Abuela didn’t know about “networking” and mentors. So now I am paying it forward in honor of all the people who helped me.But don’t take my word for it, see what my audience says:

I greatly appreciate your support and anything you can do to support us.  Thank you so much!

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