Branding Breakdown: 9/16 Edition


1. Young Professional Tip of the Week

To navigate the new workplace, Schawbel says millennials need to master a new set of rules that aren’t taught in school. Advances in technology, the rise of social media, and 24/7 connectivity mean young people have to promote themselves and take ownership of their careers in ways that previous generations wouldn’t or couldn’t have imagined.  (via 14 New Workplace Rules for Millennials)

2. Stat or Trend of the Week

According to PayScale, a whopping 98 percent of recruiters report that they turn to LinkedIn to find and contact top candidates. Recruiters and employers no longer wait for in-person interaction for the first impression. Instead, recruiters spend their time reviewing social media profiles and blogs. ( via This is Why You’re Still Job Hunting )

3. Personal Branding Tip of the Week

Try branding yourself with social resumes! If you’re seeking a gig as a community manager, public relations representative, marketing person or any other social media position, check out these resumes for inspiration on how to stand out from the crowd.  (via 10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From)

4. Social Media Tip of the Week

What might be surprising is social recruiting is more likely to get you hired, plus it can help you stay employed longer. Jobvite recently released a survey showing more people get hired from online referrals and company career pages than from job boards. ( via Job Seekers Recruited on Social More Likely to be Hired)

5. Leadership Tip of the Week

You must have a blog that contains not only quality content, but also one that’s attractive, and has easy to read posts that create a powerful impression of your brand. (via Strong Tactics for Your Personal Brand)


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