Branding Breakdown: Must-Read Personal Branding Articles 10/14 Edition


1. Young Professional Tip of the Week

As you progress through your career, you will want to make sure that you have mastered the introduction email. These are important for making connections outside of your immediate network. In order to write an effective networking email, you want to make sure that you make it easy for the connector to make an introduction for you and provide enough information so that the person you want to be introduced to actually responds. Find the template here at YFS Magazine.

2. Stat or Trend of the Week

You’d be surprised by how many people would rather stick their heads in the sand and not take advantage of basic online tools to grow their companies and careers. Don’t be one of them. 52% of small biz owners do not have a website. That is insane! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a young professional that is looking to be entrepreneurial in their careers, check out the trends in business that Open Forum reported on that you can use for your success here.


3. Personal Branding Tip of the Week

Your resume can always use some updating, but many people hesitate because they think what they have is “good enough.”  So if you’re unsure about getting some help for your resume, here’s a quick test that will provide some warning signs that it is time to make a change. Read the 15 Signs Your Resume Needs Help here at YouTern’s blog.

4. Social Media Tip of the Week

When you are growing your platform, it might seem overwhelming to grow your audience. You can do so by participating in others’ platforms, doing and delivering research and giving awards. There are other great actionable tips on building a platform that others will love here at Social Media Examiner.

5. Leadership Tip of the Week

Entrepreneurs have a unique skill set that can benefit their local communities. “We are problem solvers and disruptors; we think creatively; we are resourceful.” Are you this way within your company? If you aren’t you should be. Learn more about community leadership in this Forbes article.


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