P&G’s Orgullosa Targets Bicultural Latinas With Experiential Marketing Program

Debut Production of "Nueva Latina Monologues"
Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for P&G Orgullosa/AP Images

On February 26, Procter and Gamble’s Orgullosa, an online community for Latinas, launched its Nueva Latina campaign which honors a new kind of Hispanic woman: the bicultural Latina balancing both American and Latin culture. This exclusive media event featured some of our favorite Latina starlets including Adrienne Bailon, Roselyn Sanchez, Angie Martinez, Dascha Polanco, La La Anthony, Laura Posada and Alexia Echevarria. This was experiential marketing at it’s finest, but we shall get more into that later. First, the event.

“I’m so happy and honored to celebrate what it means to be a Latina of today. As Latinas we have so much cultural pride on where we come from and where we are going,” said Sanchez. “It’s important to be able to share our blended cultures with others. It makes me proud to highlight everything that makes us unique and everything that we have accomplished as a community.”

Dascha Polanco, Roselyn Sanchez, Adrienne Bailon, Angie Martinez, Alexia Echevarria, Laura Posada, Paula Garces
Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for P&G Orgullosa/AP Images

P&G introduced its Nueva Latina Monologues, an original production by Linda Nieves-Powell that highlights the complexities of being a Latina in America and the pressures and challenges we face trying to live out our American dreams while remain true to our Latina roots. The play touched on such issues as going away to college, guilt caused by family, marrying outside our race, raising biracial children and the stereotypes and misconceptions we deal with daily.

The Orgullosa team put together pre-show and post-show cocktail receptions where guests enjoyed sangria and a beauty bar featuring Procter & Gamble brands such as Olay, Pantene, Venus and Clairol at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City. As I alluded at the start of the post, Citizen Paine PR did a great job at putting this experiential marketing program together. This kind of advertising allows consumers to actively experience a brand in order to develop a fond emotional connection that results in customer loyalty and thus influences buying decisions. The event executed this so well, galvanizing women around the cause of being apologetically bicultural and supporting one another throughout the journey. There was an air of hermanidad (sisterhood) and orgullo (pride) that was undeniable. If any of the attendees were like me, they left feeling empowered and motivated to tackle the challenges ahead as a Nueva Latina.

Debut Production of "Nueva Latina Monologues"
Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for P&G Orgullosa/AP Images

“At P&G, we understand that there is no singular definition to describe the Latina experience or her ongoing efforts to balance two cultural worlds,” said Luis Restrepo, Brand Manager for Orgullosa. “The Nueva Latina campaign offers a unique forum for Latinas to discuss their own opinions, observations and even share stories of their own experience through the Orgullosa community.

Join this community of bicultural Latinas who are celebrating, empowering and inspiring each other on: Facebook: Orgullosa and Twitter: @orgullosa


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