About Emmelie De La Cruz

Circle Emmelie De La CruzI am Emmelie De La Cruz, founder of The Branding Muse and a personal branding strategist, best known for my ability to help millennials gain clarity around their personal brands and developing strategies for them to create and communicate it. My advice and expertise has been highlighted in various publications including Clutch Magazine, the Miami Herald, Levo League, and Forbes.

I graduated from the prestigious Newhouse School at Syracuse University, where I discovered my love for digital marketing and branding. I really believe that a professional online presence will give you a competitive advantage in both your career or business. The most exciting part of my work is the ability to interact with young, eager and hungry professionals who are looking to achieve great things within their careers and grow their business. They are smart and ambitious and know that they are destined to do more, so I feel rewarded when I help them achieve greatness. I have worked with clients in various industries including fashion, health and wellness, politics, education, book publishing and entertainment just to name a few.

In addition to my love for content marketing, start-ups, branding and education, I also believe that I am the first child of Shawn and Beyonce Knowles-Carter. (No seriously, I have a problem.)