Take Charge Career Journal

Take Charge Career Journal Cover

Millennials are all faced with one common obstacle when it comes to finding career happiness: Paralysis. Not moving due to uncertainty, insecurity and confusion. They aren’t sure of what the right opportunities are for them or what will make them happier. They just know that the job that they are in is not it. Does this sound like you?

Take Charge Career Journal is a 30 page guide that contains:

  • a daily journaling exercise
  • 10 exploration sections and exercises
  • & 365 writing prompts that will help you get closer to career happiness

This career journal is a way to work through those issues and obstacles. It is a tool where you can reflect, analyze your current situation and help you grow within your career. Many of us go through our careers looking for something more, working extremely hard and seeing no results, getting passed up for promotions and not landing our dream jobs because we don’t even know where to start looking. Sound familiar? If so, this career journal can help you go from paralyzed and stagnant to feeling in control and on track. Investing in your professional development is one of the best ways to advance your career. Sometimes, the answers lie within us, but we are not taking the adequate amount of time to reflect on what it is that we truly want and are going through. A career journal is one of the most affordable and effective options to begin setting and achieving your career goals. Get yours below.

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