Branding Brainstorm

Why should I consider a branding brainstorm session?

Do you have trouble communicating your unique skills?
Do you want to create a personal brand but are unclear on what it is and how to even begin?
Do you want to have a competitive advantage on others in your industry?
Do you want opportunities to find you?
Are you afraid you can’t show your personality for risk of being unprofessional?

A branding brainstorm is a personal branding partnership where we put together your story, passions and big ideas into a marketable presentable package online.

This session is for you if you:

  • Have started creating your brand but don’t know how to leverage it
  • Yearn to be recognized in your field
  • Want to be sought out for opportunities
  • Are overwhelmed at the thought of personal branding and need a structure
  • Feel confused about what your brand is or what it should be
  • Need some clarity because you have something to share with the world

What is it like to work with you?

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What’s included in this personal branding consultation?

Fundamentals of Branding

We work on creating an accurate picture of your brand as it currently exists by identifying strengths and areas of improvement. The heart of this session is the thorough discussion of your brand where we outline your goals, unique value proposition, identify your target audience, your narrative and begin crafting your messaging such as elevator pitch, professional biography and personal branding statement.

Digital Marketing

After the foundation for your brand has been set, we will address the infrastructure that you have in place to communicate your brand. Learn the nuances of online reputation management and self-promotion. Understand how to cultivate an online presence to develop positive perceptions and influence through social networks. In this session, you will learn to master social media and your website to communicate the right messages easily. Learn about tools that the pros use to automate social media sharing so you can save time and energy. We will review your website to ensure it is on brand or create a website outline that will allow you to create the right kind of site.

Content Marketing

This session teaches the novice blogger all of the expert tricks. Learn how to manage your blog and create a strategy that will make content creation easy and organized. We work together to plan your 3-month content calendar based on the information that your audience wants and needs. You will also learn how to grow your following and promote your blog. Discover the secret to writing great content that people want to read and share.

This is not for you if you:

  • Have no interest in developing a professional digital presence
  • Think that this is a quick fix and your phone will suddenly start ringing off the hook
  • Are offended by candid feedback and become easily frustrated
  • Won’t dedicate the necessary time to implement the plan of action

How does it work?
Once you have made the purchase, you will be sent a registration questionnaire to complete and return. After the questionnaire has been received, a team member will work with you to set up a conference call or in person meeting if you are located in NYC.


[hero_unit hero_title=”Package deliverables include:” hero_button_type=”button-yellow” hero_button_link=”” hero_button_title=”Book a Session”]Professional Biography,Personal Branding Statement, Improved Social Media Strategy, Content Calendar, Blog Strategy, Elevator Pitch and Brand Personality.[/hero_unit]


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