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We all have expertise and experience that shape our lives and careers. But are you harnessing those passions to convert them into paychecks? (got your attention now huh?). In order to get paid for what you love to do, you need to have an influential personal brand – and I help you create one that will boost your reputation and get those ideas out of your head and into fruition.

As a digital marketer and personal branding strategist, I improve the way you do business, market yourself and get you where you want to go with your brand with:

  • Hourly Strategy Sessions and Consultations
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Content Marketing

Brand Management

Brand management includes the development and implementation of long-term strategies that will elevate the brand’s image, experience, and sales. My brand management clients range from a New York City radio personality to a financial leadership coach to a leading health expert. I manage the strategies for their brand development which include facilitating strategic partnerships, executing events, overseeing publicity and managing their sites and content marketing.

I don’t only build brands. Together, we build your dreams and let your ideas thrive.

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