Guest Post Submissions

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Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for the Branding Muse blog. The Branding Muse is a resource for college students and young professionals to learn what traditional education often overlooks when it comes to professional development. We provide tools and resources to aide students and young professionals as they take control of their personal brand.

Once you have been approved, you will receive a “pitches” email outlining the topics that we are looking for content on and giving you ideas on articles and blog posts to submit. If you already have a guest post topic in mind, submit completed posts to To improve your chances of being published, please follow the guidelines outlined below.

Content and Editing

Headlines and tone must be catchy and fresh. Our content caters to a young audience and the language in the post should reflect this.

All content must include ACTIONABLE suggestions and provide a way for readers to apply the concept they have read about. We empower our readers to take action for their personal brands. If posts do not feature actionable advice, it will not be considered for publishing.

We reserve the right to edit all posts without informing you first. On occasion, we’ll send a post back if we think it’s a good topic but could use more work. Please do not get offended if we make edits or suggest changes. We must ensure that the content is tailored perfectly for our audience.


All work must be original, provided exclusively to The Branding Muse and may not appear on any other sites. You may include a teaser of the post on your blog or website as long as it links back to the original article published on our site.


Our readers are college students, young professionals and job seekers between the ages of 18 and 24. Topics they are interested in include:

  • Job search advice & tools
  • Proper Social Media Use
  • Networking Information
  • Career Advice
  • Collegiate Success

Formatting and Submission

  • Write your post in a Word document, and please submit to us below.
  • Post length: 500-800 words
  • Break up your post by using a bulleted or numbered list or subheads
  • All Articles are Non-Promotional


We want our readers to know who you are and connect with you! Your bio should describe you in 2-3 sentences. You may also provide contact information by linking to your blog, your website and your professional social media profiles. Please write your bio in the third person.

Sponsored Content:

The Branding Muse also offers a range of affordable sponsored content packages where we can highlight and feature your content/product for our readers. Email info(at)thebrandingmuse(dot)com to discuss our rates.


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