Personal Brands We Love: Alize Beal, Leader and Public Servant

Philanthropist, Mentor, and Advocate are just a few words to describe our Personal Brands We Love feature, Alize Beal. As Co-Founder and Marketing Director of a non-profit organization called Y.U.N.G Harlem, Alize works hard to change the dynamics of her community. Alize spends time keeping up with politics and volunteering with community leaders in her area.  As a Harlem native, Alize believes that her work will help the children in her community dream big to attain their highest potential. Staying true to her brand and herself has proven to be successful for Alize. With hopes of entering the political field, Alize is aiming to become the youngest Council member of the 9th District in Harlem.  Read more about her below.

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Personal Brands We Love: Emily Raleigh, A Smart Starter

To say that Emily Raleigh is your typical college student would be an understatement. Emily wears multiple hats, full time student at Fordham University, Resident Assistant, and most importantly  Founder of The Smart Girls Group. Integrating her coursework with her business has granted Emily opportunities to expand The Smart Girls Group. Establishing professional connections and using the resources available to her on campus Emily was able to raise further her brand. Emily’s drive to empower fellow “smart girls” created a sisterhood of ambitious and intelligent young women who aspire to inspire and encourage each others passions. Read about her below.

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Common Mistakes You Probably Make During Networking Events

There are many common networking mistakes that occur with millennials, because of the difference in social interactions during the digital age. As milennials, many of us love technology. We have smart phones, wii’s, PS4s, XBox, laptops and iPads. We have gotten so used to communicating through social media and texting, that many of us have forgotten basic social etiquette. This may not seem to be important on an ordinary day, but if you need to attend a networking event, you may run into some trouble. If you are not used to striking up conversations, having small talk and simply interacting with others, you’ll really feel uncomfortable. Just in case you need to refresh your memory on what not to do, here are some common mistakes that young professionals often make during networking events.

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