The Branding Muse is a consulting firm on a mission to address the needs that a traditional education often overlooks by taking  personal branding and professional development to a new level. Our organization is built upon the commitment to empower young professionals and college students to take control of their personal brands by providing them with the resources to create and maintain a professional and attractive online presence. Students are quickly realizing that the collegiate curriculum lacks emphasis on career-focused learning. Named one of the Top 100 Websites for Your Career by Forbes, we help you communicate your value and attract opportunities that will help you succeed in college, your career and beyond.







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[tab_pane active=”active” sequence=”1″]A dynamic personal brand will blow away any recruiter and get you hired. Although it can be difficult to get started, we help you become clear on what a personal brand is and how to create one. Your brand can assist in growing your network and help you find opportunities that align your skills and passions. We teach you how to communicate your greatness confidently both online and offline.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane sequence=”2″]A brand is only as good as its owner and guess what? Whether you own a business or help to operate one, you must learn to communicate your expertise in order to connect with your customers. After you develop a solid personal brand, you are prepared to become the face of your organization and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. We provide you with resources  and a self-promotion plan to do just that.[/tab_pane]

[tab_pane sequence=”3″]We stay current on the latest trends in hiring, social media and professional development and package them in a way that resonates with a millennial audience. Our founder, Emmelie De La Cruz speaks on topics such as job searching, proper use of social media, networking and personal branding. With research, strategies and best practices, prepare and empower your audience to take action and become competitive in the job market. Learn more about our personal branding presentations>>[/tab_pane]








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Crucial Components for an Effective Personal Website Ebook

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[accordion_pane accordion_title=”Free Personal Branding Resources”]In our brand suite, you’ll find branding e-books, mini-guides, and worksheets that will each take you one step further toward perfecting your personal brand.[/accordion_pane]





Emmelie De La Cruz, personal  branding consultant

Emmelie De La Cruz, Founder of The Branding Muse, is the go-to expert for entrepreneurs, college students and young professionals who want to take control of their personal brand. She is a personal branding consultant who helps millennials own their greatness, lead from their strengths and turn their passions into a profitable business or career. Using digital tools, she teaches her clients how to position themselves for success in the job market and trains entrepreneurs to become thought leaders online. From designing brand identities to setting up an automated social media dashboard, Emmelie simplifies and expedites the process of creating a brand and a presence online and offline. With a degree in Public Relations from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School, she harnesses her knowledge and expertise to create resources necessary for her clients to thrive. Emmelie is a thought leader on personal branding and professional development, however consider her the mentor you never had!

LinkedIn Profile | Google+ | @Hermusings


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