Personal Branding Workbook

Personal branding workbook

Hired, Happy & Paid teaches and empowers young people across the nation and the globe by providing the tools and resources to increase confidence and grasp the personal branding process. The process of branding oneself is a deliberate strategic journey. It is not created overnight or with minimal effort. It requires re-learning certain things and equipping yourself with new skills necessary to thrive. Personal branding requires the creation of content, sharing of information and communicating the unique intangible assets that you posses. Hired, Happy and Paid is here to guide you as you begin or continue your journey to a professional brand image. The workbook is 75 pages long and includes:

4 Units
Discovering and Defining Your Personal Brand
Creating Your Personal Brand
Communicating Your Greatness
Strategies for Success in the Workplace

16 assignments that will leave you with a:
Personal Branding Statement
Professional Bio
Elevator Pitch
Revised cover letter and resume
Visual identity
Social Media and Content Strategy

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