Griselda Blanco La viuda negra

The One Thing Griselda Blanco Had That All Women Need to “Lean In” and Win

Griselda Blanco is the perfect example of how a woman leader leans in. So you’re probably on this page like “Let me get this straight Emmelie, you want to talk about how the cocaine godmother and the queen of drug trafficking found work-life balance? I gotta hear this one..” But hear me out for a minute. While I was doing my weekly catch up session with my dear friend Cristine, we were sharing our addiction for the soap opera or novela which is capturing Spanish-language audiences. As we were commenting about the latest episode, I mention ” I can’t believe she’s killing men and moving coke, with a baby on her arm.” Christine replies, “Lean in on that!” and thus this post was born. Continue reading