P&G’s Orgullosa Targets Bicultural Latinas With Experiential Marketing Program

Debut Production of "Nueva Latina Monologues"
Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for P&G Orgullosa/AP Images

On February 26, Procter and Gamble’s Orgullosa, an online community for Latinas, launched its Nueva Latina campaign which honors a new kind of Hispanic woman: the bicultural Latina balancing both American and Latin culture. This exclusive media event featured some of our favorite Latina starlets including Adrienne Bailon, Roselyn Sanchez, Angie Martinez, Dascha Polanco, La La Anthony, Laura Posada and Alexia Echevarria. This was experiential marketing at it’s finest, but we shall get more into that later. First, the event. Continue reading


What Young Entrepreneurs Often Overlook

Millennials are naturally drawn to entrepreneurial ventures due to their high ideals and confidence in getting the job done. Previous generations believed in having “safe jobs” often staying within the same organizations for long periods of time. Generation Y however, is more focused on making their own path and following their own rules. This was clear at the From The Crown Up event I attended on July 30, 2013. Below is a recap of the advice that I shared with aspiring business owners and collegiate entrepreneurs.

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Emmelie De La Cruz Named Maven of the Year by Collegiate Crown [NYC Event]


Back in December during my Inaugural Boss Moves Networking Soirée, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of ambitious young women and budding publicists. Fast forward to a few months later, and those same women have honored me with the Maven of the Year Award, being presented at the From The CROWN Up Event happening July 30th. Networking is a powerful thing. In preparation for the event, I chatted with Ms. Barry, Founder of Collegiate Crown.

1. Why did you choose me as the MVP this year?
We’ve been following HerMusings and The Branding Muse for a while [on Twitter]. Even before the inception of Collegiate Crown, you have always been a guiding light for us in our own personal endeavors, a testament to the notion that age is nothing but a number. We feel as though the work that you do through your respective platforms truly embodies what we hope to convey to young individuals: Be a Go-Getter, do not let your age hinder you. What stood out the most to us about you was your eagerness in helping others reach their professional goals, there was a never a time we didn’t see you assisting individuals who wanted background on the industry or ways to establish their personal brand. We see you as a influencer, and not only in the sense of having a large following, but in the way you are able to engage others to think proactively about their brands and what messages they want to convey to the world. You are a QUEEN in our eyes and it’s only right that we pay homage to the ways in which you pave the way for other young Queens & Kings.

(This is the part where I start tearing right?)

2. What is the criteria for this honor?
Must be a young professional.
Must engage entrepreneur aspirants to pursue their dreams.
Must be known in their respective industry for their craft and skill.
Must EMPOWER others through their achievements.

3. What are you expecting from the event?
We are expecting to create a platform for excellence, we don’t look at this event as just an event, we see it as a start. A start for any individuals who may have needed that extra push of inspiration to start their venture, a start to amazing connections and partnerships fostered through this event, a start of a movement. Networking events are KEY ways for individuals to meet others who share the similar interests, as well as individuals who could assist in FURTHERING their business. We are expecting people to connect, to foster relationships, and to then move forward with those relationships. We want to start a social conversation that enables entrepreneurs to keep growing and keep developing.

4.Who is in your target demographic for this event?
Our target demographic for this event is of course budding entrepreneurs, individuals who have recently started their own businesses and are looking to connect with industry professionals, taste-makers, and influencers. These budding entrepreneurs include collegepreneurs, those who are starting their businesses and still in school, womenpreneurs, social entrepreneurs, we want everyone. However, our focus is on younger entrepreneurs because we are hoping that this event will give them a platform to share their craft with others and give them the needed push in the right direction to actualize their goals!

5. Why are you hosting the event?
We are hosting this event because it’s important for us to highlight the importance of connecting with people, of creating platforms for people to excel. That’s what Collegiate Crown and The Prime and Proper Inc. both aspire to accomplish, being the conduit for people to reach their goals and pursue things they never thought possible. This event is about providing opportunity, many people are able to take opportunities but seldom give opportunities to others and we want to maximize on that through this event. We also wanted to honor those who we felt deserved it such as yourself and Lauren. Appreciation goes a long way, as does connecting people. Why wouldn’t we want to host an event where we can appreciate and connect 🙂

6. Please share some insight on the other honoree as well.
Lauren Garcia is the founder and CEO of Sweetly Unexpected, a online catering business located in Hudson County, NJ. She specializes in hand-piped, gourmet cupcakes for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, or any event that may need a “sweet touch”. Lauren started her own online bakery at the age of 18 and in the last year her business has grown exponentially. Her sweet treats can currently be purchased at several bakeries and cafes in the tri-state area. SU is currently set for a storefront expansion in the next year. Garcia does all of these while balancing being a full-time student and managing a job. We see her as the mold for the collegepreneur, we have been blessed to watch Sweetly Unexpected grow from an idea to a full blown business. Garcia has also found ways to merge her philanthropist endeavors with her cupcake business. SU caters charity events that help in community development for free, she sees community involvement as the root of all successful businesses and tries to do her part to give back.

So grateful for this recognition. Hope to see my NYC followers and readers there! RSVP: http://fromthecrownup.evenbrite.com