Why Women’s History Month is Bullsh*t and How to Change That

In honor of International Women’s Day, I think of the bonds that bring us together and in the same minute shift to the mindsets that tear us apart. In recent months, I have attended more and more Latina events including the Ella Institute Launch, Cosmo for Latinas readers panel and Orgullosa’s Nueva Latina Monologues. And while these events for Latinas or women in general do empower me and make me proud, it becomes that much more evident that it is a fleeting moment. That no matter how much energy is in the room that night and the next day, the feelings of sisterhood fade and we get consumed into the lives we were living. The networking emails stop being exchanged, the empty promises of lunch and drinks are overlooked and that commitment to support and uplift one another becomes secondary to our personal pursuit of success. Then Women’s month rolls around and suddenly those feelings are back, and we are anxious to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. But how do we keep that support going in April, May and the following months? How do we put all these theories that we talk about and become excited about into practice? Below are some ways to move our gender forward and put the S back in sisterhood.

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