“Emmelie has been working on social media and publicity for over 3 years. Her early expertise has made her a leader in the realm of social media. She’s a lateral thinker and gets right to the punchline. Emmelie is the most resourceful person I know when it comes to social media, she’s consistently one step ahead of her peers. Her professional attitude makes her work personality one to have you coming back for more help and advice. Emmelie knows exactly what to do to get things moving. Be it PR, Marketing or Social Media. She is one of the youngest and most talented consultants and community managers that I know. In her career she will make it very very far.”

Ghislaine León – Executive Brand Director for Hood Riot Music Inc.

I would definitely recommend Emmelie to a friend. She was a great resource and support system during my job hunt – as a peer, best friend, and career mentor. Emmelie is proof that “age is nothing but a number.” She is young but very experienced. Throughout our entire time at school she was always one step ahead of the game and striving to make a name for herself in this industry. Due to personal experience and work ethic she has a lot to offer.

Marisa Campbell – PR/Marketing Consultant

I would definitely recommend your services to other friends and associates. With your networking experience, you have created a set of resources for yourself that would help anyone and skills such as those should be passed on, as not many people have the knowledge of how to network and turn smaller opportunities into larger ones. Also, your knowledge of how to use social networking to create, launch, and maintain brands is an admirable and necessary skill to have. Simply by reading your timeline, I’ve learned much about branding myself and presenting myself to my audience in the best light.

Ashley Mitchell – Student

During the time when I was job hunting, Emmelie was extremely helpful in editing my resume and cover letters, offering advice in interview prep and simply just being a great resource. Even with her busy schedule, she was very understanding and timely with her responses. Not only is she a great budding young professional, but an amazing friend. Thanks so much for all of your help, Em!

Chasity Cooper – Education Non-Profit Employee

Emmelie, is a GOD send, she is knowledgeable, professional and patient. Highly recommend her if you want a job well done.

Jacqueline Cherry – Administrator and Founder of Visionary Expressions

Emmelie De la Cruz is the definition of expertise. Whenever in doubt, Emmelie is always the first person I contact for social media and entrepreneurial advice. Emmelie’s stellar academic record and rigorous work ethic has proven to be quite beneficial in her professional repertoire. Emmelie’s involvement in career services and professional development will most certainly be beneficial to those seeking advice. I would recommend Emmelie over and over again and can assure you that her expertise will benefit in one way or another.

Diarrha Ndiaye – Editor-In-Chief, Hip Hop En Vogue

I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have you not only as a friend but as a teacher. You have assisted in my job search and helped in the revision of many cover letters. The criticism and feedback I have received from you has always been highly constructive. You make revisions but leave room for the uniqueness of the individual to shine in their cover letters. You’re a diamond in the rough; your hard work and perseverance is demonstrated in everything you get your hands on. Thank you for being outstanding.

Cherynne Montanero – Student

A few months ago, I asked Emmelie a few questions about LinkedIn, how to set it up and make it as nice as hers. She quickly gave me hints and advice on LinkedIn. She even went the extra mile and explain personal branding through social media websites such as Twitter, FB and LinkedIn. Emmelie was great and her help was invaluable.

Frances Gonzalez – Student

You were very helpful in the designing and rewording of my resume. The new design that you provided was very well received by employers who thought it was refreshing and very aesthetically pleasing. Also the language alteration was critical. The change from passive to active language was necessary in asserting my active roles and responsibilities in my various positions.

Christopher Alexander – Field Organizer, Maffei Campaign for Congress

I have always found Emmelie’s advice to be mature beyond her years. She has always been very driven and approachable when it comes to providing career-related advice, which is very exciting to see amongst your peers.

Tyra Jeffries – Hedge Fund Analyst

Emmelie Yalisses’s help was done through open arms and full of love. She gave advice in a way that was of the highest betterment of one’s need. She also gave other resources where one could continue their search.

Tai Brown – Actress and Published Author


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